• Janna Katz

The latest from me

Hi all, I am starting a blog about mask making and other thoughts related to the pandemic. First I have to say that I never would have imagined I would turn to sewing as a way of coping. But I find it meditative and relaxing. Also I find I have a strong emotional reaction to the colors and patterns of fabrics. I want to work with fabrics that spark joy and makevwearing a mask an fashion statement as well as a way of expressing support of stopping the spread of the virus. Based on what little we know it's possible we will all be wearing masks for some time and I think the mask as fashion statement will be a trend. I also think they may soon suggest kids also wear masks as it appears there are some serious pediatric cases and symptoms that differ from adults. And if it turns out that pets can get/pass the virus can masks for dogs be coming? One of the things I think about when sewing is how this pandemic has challenged usvto return to simpler times. Bartering a home sewn mask for a loaf of bread or a roll of TP. Doing jigsaw puzzles and baking. Neighborhood scavenger hunt with rainbows and teddy bears in Windows. Staying home has been hard but it has forced us to be creative in some ways and that is strange and gratifying. I welcome your ideas for mask fabrics and hope we can all make it through this stressful time.


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