• Janna Katz

Moo-ved to take action

  • I believe in making the world better and doing what I can. That's why I was mooved to sew face masks and why, prior to the pandemic, I was volunteering for Children's Hospital Oakland in their pet therapy program.Its also why I walked at our local Albany Black Lives Matter protest this week even though I was fearful of exposure to Covid19. People who know me always say "you're so creative" which I take as a compliment but I just enjoy being curious, playful and artsy so it's who I am. During this shelter in place those qualities led me to sewing which was the farthest thing from my mind beforehand. I hope each of you are finding creative ways to cope, using humor and compassion to combat feelings of helplessness, indignation and isolation. I am very much hoping for change to result from these times starting with the end of Trump, Racism, Anti-immigrants, NRA, Distrust of Science, Incel, Income Inequality and more


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