• Janna Katz

Mask up California

Back in March I urged Governor Newson to start a social media campaign called Maskup California and to solicit celebrity endorsements. After Trump refused to wear a mask he sent the message that it was optional and that it made people look silly. Unfortunately that action is costing lives. While Governor Newson took a while to make universal mask wearing the law and to expressly encourage people to follow the law I am heartened by this example:

It's so important now as business reopen because I am seeing many people wearing their mask around their neck or over their mouth with nose/nostrils exposed. I also believe many people still resist the mask because they feel that social distance is sufficient. Meanwhile the virus will continue to spread with no effective treatment and avoidable deaths will grow.

PLEASE wear a mask because it truly is a matter of life and death.

PLEASE wear a mask even if you aren't sick.

PLEASE wear a mask even if you have read somewhere it's not 100 percent effective.

PLEASE wear a mask over your mouth AND nose and not around your neck. PLEASE wear a mask and also be socially distant with frequent hand washing and no face touching. PLEASE wear a mask to slow the spread.

PLEASE wear a mask because it's the law.


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