• Janna Katz

It's all about the nose

I'm excited to report that my new "nose wires" have arrived so future masks will come with these wires that I hope will support your nose better when wearing your mask. Heaven nose it's about time you might say... the pipecleaners do work but over time they get weak and could break so I'm hoping this will be a big improvement.

Do you have a nose for what would be popular in terms of fabrics I might make in the future?

Because Fathers Day is coming I'm interested in what men say they are wanting in a mask. I'm awaiting some blue denim-colored fabric that I hope will appeal, but since many men I've seen are wearing bandana's I am wonding if a bandana fabric in red or blue might appeal. If you want to give some suggestions about what the men in your life say about mask colors I'd love to hear. Shoot me an email at


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