• Janna Katz

Fathers Day is coming...

And so I'm hoping to inspire people to give Dad (or Grand-dad) a mask as a gift. Men are funny creatures - they often shy away from bright colors preferring the solid color of blue, black or grey ... or if they want a print it's got to be very understated. So, I've got you covered - I have added some simple and dark blue offerings including blue jean (not actual jeans but a light cotton that looks jean-ish), mood indigo, and a japanese print called indigoes that I think many dads will like (see bleow) So if you want to purchase for a dads day gift let me know so I can make it in time... or see me this Sunday at the Kensington Farmers' Market to pick out a mask for dad. And speaking of parents... lots of people are talking about how kids are going to need masks in school or at summer camps and I've heard many people are ordering on ETSY and their orders are taking FOREVER to arrive. I have right now about 75 masks on hand in child's small and medium so please spread the word to parents you know. and share my website on your social media and school e-tree. Many thanks!

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