• Janna Katz

Elastic has arrived!

I ordered 30 yards of elastic and it arrived this week so I did a little research on design. I've decided to go with an adjustable elastic style so that you can adjust to the size of your face AND if the elastic should get stretched out, you can tighten it and continue using the mask. I also found a video that features cut tshirt material in lieu of elastic - it doesn't stretch quite as much but it's soft and comfortable so I'll be offering that as well.

Because most of the masks on the site are with the hair tie option I'm going to create a new collection of elastic and tshirt ties since all fabrics won't be available in all 3 tie options. I hope it won't be too confusing!

In other news, I discovered some great sources for online fabric and so you'll see many new "coming soon" fabrics. I am also experimenting with ear-fatigue holders so you might see those offered soon.

Last but not least, Mothers Day is coming and masks are a timely, practical and pretty gift for your mom. Happy shopping!



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