Now offering kid sized masks in 3 sizes - Child small, Child medium and Tween. These masks have a bendable aluminum nose bridge inside and a filter pocket. They are 2 layer, 100% cotton and pre-shrunk.  


The child small fits kids from 3 to 5 years, and is 7.5 inches across, 4 inches from nose to chin.


The child medium fits kids from 6 to 8 years, and is 8 inches across, 4 inches from nose to chin. 

The tween mask fits kids 9-11 years, and is  8 inches across with 5 inches from nose to chin.   It also includes more generous elastic to fit larger faces and can be adjusted to fit.


For small and medium use colorful hair ties for ear connection.  A nice thing about these is that your child can slip his/her hand through the loops to hold the mask when snacking or drinking so they don't lose it.


If your child's ears are sensitive or the hair tie doesn't stay on you can snip it and thread elastic through the channel as an alternative.  If you have adult disposable masks that have been worn, it's simple to snip off and reuse the rope elastic for the kids masks.

Here are some links about kids and masks.  Some schools and camps may require masks so it's a good idea to get them now and avoid the back to school rush.  


Article by pediatrician from the LA Times

New York Times article on kids and masks

Schools requiring masks

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